The Glow Solar Commitment

The Glow Solar team is committed to being a reliable partner and effective guide focused on making the experience of going solar easy, informative, and worry-free.

Honest Expertise

We will help you determine if solar is a good investment for you based on your home/business, energy needs, and priorities. If we don’t think solar is right for you, we will tell you.  If you want help evaluating alternative proposals, we’ll do so honestly and make sure you understand all significant differences.


Fair, Pressure-Free Pricing

We will provide fair pricing and ensure that all available incentives are captured. We won’t pressure you with financing offers, but will be happy to recommend well-qualified financial partners if you need it.


Custom, Quality System

We will design and deliver a solar system sized for your needs using only Tier 1 equipment with industry-leading warranties to ensure reliable performance, longevity, and peace of mind.


Monitoring & Ongoing Support

We will monitor your new system for a full year, provide a monitoring system so you can always track your solar production, and be happy to answer questions you have at any time.