Our Process

Glow Solar makes going solar easy, informative, and worry-free.


Glow Solar is happy to provide the information you need to determine if solar is right for you – at no cost and no obligation.  

1. Getting Started.  Contact Glow Solar to discuss your home/business, energy needs, and priorities. After that, all that is needed to get started is your address and your last 12-months of energy bills.

2. System Design.  Glow will prepare a no-obligation solar design tailored to your energy needs and business.

3. System Review.  Glow will present the system design and cost to you – including the energy production, cost savings, and environmental offsets you can expect from the system.

4. Site Visit.  If you are interested in continuing, Glow will visit your home/business to gather information needed to finalize the system layout and answer any remaining questions you may have.

If at any time we don’t think solar is right for you based on your home, needs, or priorities, we’ll tell you. If you want help evaluating alternative proposals, we’ll do so honestly and make sure you understand all significant differences.


If you want to move forward with the system, Glow Solar will proceed with delivery after completing a straightforward agreement with you that includes the final system specification and cost.

5. System Engineering.  Glow will complete all electrical & structural engineering needed for your system and property.

6. Material Procurement.  Glow will purchase system materials, acquiring only Tier 1 equipment with industry-leading warranties to ensure reliable performance, longevity, and peace of mind.

7. Permit, Utility, & Incentive Submittals.  Glow will apply for all available incentives, procure all necessary permits, and submit all needed utility documents.

8. Installation, Commissioning, & Energization.  Glow will install all components, then manage the electrical connection, commissioning, and energization of the system.

9. Monitoring & Support.  Glow will deliver an owner orientation, monitor your system for a full year, provide monitoring so you can always track your solar production, and happily answer questions you have at any time.

Curious about solar, but don’t know where to begin?  Let Glow Solar help. 

If you are interested in a free consultation or just want to learn more about home solar, please call (833) 456-9765 or complete a short online contact form and a Glow team member will reach out to you shortly.