For every Cap East Soccer friend or family that goes solar with Glow Solar in 2023, Glow will discount their solar project $750 & make a $750 donation to the Capital East Soccer Club.

Glow Solar is very pleased to be able to support the Capital East Soccer Club with this special fundraising discount offer.

Glow would love to have multiple positive responses & donate $750 to Cap East Soccer multiple times!  We feel that this is a win-win-win situation – whoever goes solar saves money, the Capital East Soccer Club gets a donation, & Glow gets work.

Obviously, sharing the deal with as many families & friends of Cap East Soccer as possible increases the chance of this being a success for all parties.

To help with this sharing, Glow has created a flyer, a webpage, a Facebook graphic, & Facebook text (that can also be used in an email, newsletter, or other social media).  See below for links to these resources:

Please contact Brian Beutter, Glow Solar’s VP of Marketing, if you have questions about the special fundraising discount, any of the materials, or need anything else.

Remember that CAP EAST needs to be used as the Reference Code and that that friends & families need to contact Glow Solar by September 30, 2023 to take advantage of this special offer.