Why Solar?

Reduce Your Energy Expenses

Going solar will lower your electricity cost on a per kWh basis—each kWh from your solar array costs less than what you currently pay your utility and eventually those savings add up! The more power you use, the more you’ll save.

Rate Stability

Going solar means you know what you will pay for energy this year, and next year, and even 25 years from now. Utility rates have historically always increased, but with solar you’ll be enjoying a low fixed rate instead of sending more and more money out the door each month.

Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship

More renewable solar energy means a more livable climate for all. Going solar reduces carbon emissions, saves water, and reduces air pollution.

Green Marketing

Today’s consumers increasingly care about the environmental footprint of companies they do business with. Tell your sustainability story.


Going solar will help you secure a reliable and long-lasting source of power. Have the satisfaction of knowing you are generating your own power and reducing your reliance on traditional energy sources and conventional fossil fuels.